The Privacy Policy is directly related to the Protection of Private Date Policy and describes the practices we must follow, regarding the identifiable personal information we collect through our website which belongs to the company IMEMA S.A. defined as the operator of personal data. This policy emphasizes that it does not interfere with our practices regarding information collected by another website or medium, nor with the policy governing the collection, use or disclosure of information by third parties.

For the best possible service of the users, the users of the website may provide information related to the execution of their order. The information they provide is governed by the following rules, which the user accepts by using the website’s services. If users disagree with these terms and this policy it is best not to use the website. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice.

Nevertheless, it is stated that we are constantly improving our website as well as the relevant products that concern our company. Pursuant to the above, the company may renew and modify its terms without prior notice to users. Thus, it is necessary for users to read these terms at regular intervals, in order to be adequately informed about possible changes in the content of the terms.


It is strongly emphasized that we abide by the current legislation and in no case allow children under the age of 16 to register on our website. If they wish to be associated with the services provided by the Company, then the consent of their parents is absolutely mandatory, as those responsible and exercising their parental care.


The term “personal data” refers to information of the persons such as: name and surname, home address, identity number, personal e-mail address (e-mail), bank card ID number, location data (eg GPS cell phone), Internet Protocol (IP) address, contact telephone, and health data held by a hospital or physician, which identify or may lead to your identity. From now on they will be called “Personal Data or Data”.

In view of the above, users of this site are requested to provide information about their personal data only if they wish to order products, register on our website and or send an email to Recipients of the data and information provided by the users, are exclusively the employees and representatives of the company in context of the execution of an agreed transactions.


We provide only the information necessary to process the specific services of the users. Any supporting document and document confirming the identity of the customer remains strictly confidential and is checked only by the company’s dedicated department. From the presentation and display of personal data, consent is implied in the use of this data by our company for the above reasons and within the above framework of the personal data provided.

The company – operator of personal data, explicitly and with respect to users, commits that it can transfer personal data of its users to third parties legal entities or persons only and if: I) has the explicit and unconditional consent of users for the transfer of personal data, II) the transfer of personal data to legal entities and / or persons who cooperate with the company becomes necessary for the proper execution of the orders of the visitors/users. Legal entities and persons who cooperate with the company have the right to process the personal data that the users of the company’s website submit to it, only if it is absolutely necessary to provide support to the company. Finally, the transfer can be carried out only and if III) is required to be done due to legal compliance with the relevant legislation and only to the pertinent public authorities.

Users’ rights also include: the right to access them, the right to correct inaccuracies, deletion, the right to portability, limitation of processing and finally, objection and revocation of consent to their processing.


Those responsible for the processing of personal data have contractually agreed with the Company to maintain absolute confidentiality within the framework of the contractual trust that binds them to the company. The concept of confidentiality includes not sending to third parties data of users without prior permission of the Company, the taking of appropriate and necessary protective measures but also the appropriate compliance with Greek laws and of course Regulation 979/2016 / EU (GDPR) .


Our website may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain services and pages. Cookies are small files (text files), which are stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user and do not acquire knowledge of any document or file from his computer. They are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites like this one to run smoothly and without technical anomalies. They are used only to facilitate the visitor / user access to specific services of the website and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which the services of the website are useful or popular.

It is emphasized that cookies do not cause damage to users’ computers but also to the files stored on them, while at each exit from the website they are automatically deleted. The visitor / user of the website can configure his server (browser) in such a way that either warns him about the use of cookies in specific services of the website, or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any case. If the visitor / user of the specific services and pages of the website does not wish to use cookies for his / her identification, he / she cannot have further access to these services, because these services are connected to cookies.


According to the Facebook Platform rules, we have to provide User Data Deletion Callback URL or Data Deletion Instructions URL. If you want to delete your activities for, you can remove your activities by the following instructions.
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  4. Click ” Remove” button.
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